English meaning: pig
    Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schwein” (“neugeborenes Tier, Ferkel”)
    Note: From an extended zero grade of Root eĝhi- : “ hedgehog “ derived Root ĝhers-, ĝher- : “rigid, *pig” > Root pork̂o-s : “pig” : Illyr.-italic-celtic ĝʷh- > p- phonetic mutatIon.
    Material: Sakisch püsa (*parsa), kurd. purs, borrowed finn. porsas, mordw. puŕts ‘swine”; Lat. porcus “das zahme swine”, Umbr. porca, purca “porcüs”; M.Ir. orc m. “piglet, young animal”, O.Brit. Orcades (with Gk. ending) = M.Ir. Innsi Orc “Orkney-islands”; O.H.G. far(a)h n., O.E. fearh m. n. ‘swine”, (Dan. fare “piglet throw”); Lith. par̃šas “a castrated boar”, O.Pruss. prastian “piglet” (*parsistian); O.Bulg. prasę, -ęte ‘swine, piglet” (deminut. nt-Suff.); to Lat. porcīnus “of swine” compare Lith. paršienà “Ferkelfleisch”, to Lat. porculus ‘schweinchen” das Lith. paršẽ lis “piglet”, O.H.G. farheli, M.H.G. varchelīn, Ger. Ferkel.
    References: WP. II 78, WH. II 341, Trautmann 207, Benveniste BAL.-SLAV. 45, 74 ff.; after Specht IE Decl. 34 to perk̂- “tear open” (see 821).

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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